About Us

An Old Kind of Place, a New Kind of Place

The places folks have gathered to eat and drink have shaped the course of history. The Hebrew feasts, the round table, the last supper, the mead halls of the norse and certain tea houses and taverns have been instrumental in solidifying a culture and allowing the flow of ideas in conversation made peaceful and convivial by the plate and mug. As society changed, new arrangements adapted. The line of cars wrapped around a fast food drive-through represents a shift that hit its peak in 2020 with patrons in covered faces huddled away from each other. The time has come for there to be places actively drawing people together to meet, to talk, to discuss, as well as to share in music and fun. The Wagon Box looks to be one of many such places. So if something seems a little different about the way we do things, it’s for a reason. Our goal is not making money and filling bellies, we want to be a part of the restoration of all things.